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There are a lot of different radios to choose from. Some have navigation, others have satellite radio, are touchscreens or non-touchscreens with a ton of buttons & so many choices. We are to help you figure out which car stereo or car video system is the right one for you and which one will fit your car best. With every customer, we adhere to managing all the possible installations in the best possible way.

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 From audio tuning to car stereo installation, we encourage bang-on sound systems. Have a look at our services!

Audio Frequency Tuning

Our expert staff members only use the best equipment to assess an audio system. We use RTA machines and real-time oscilloscopes to analyze the current position of the frequency spectrum in a car sound system. All your audio frequency and power voltage issues are cured and perfected using the SMD equipment and oscilloscope. Solving these issues can reinvent the whole sound effect of car audio amplifier outputs.


Are you looking to take your vehicle to the next level? Look no further than Miami Pro Audio. From simple speaker and dash unit installation to full competition setups, our expert staff at Miami Pro can do it all! We specialize in custom car audio and high-performance subwoofer enclosures. We work with all makes and models, and use factory materials for a perfect factory finish. With high-definition subwoofers and enclosures comes great performance; which is exactly what we do.

Car Stereo Installation

If you need your car audio system upgraded, our trained technicians can help! We can install any dash unit of your choice, and we can tune or repair factory units. Whether you want to upgrade with a brand new stereo or keep the factory unit, we will do the job right. Your car stereo upgrade jobs are performed flawlessly here at Miami Pro Audio. Drive attention to your vehicle with our products and installation fees. Do you want to upgrade or keep it stock? The choice is yours, The job is ours.

three types of Car Audio Setups

Although they aren't the loudest setups, SQ builds usually have the clearest, most balanced audio. SQ builds are a great option for anyone because they sound great with a broad range of music genres, from techno to classical.

SPL builds are very loud, intricate setups, usually used for competitions. These setups are designed to build as much air pressure within the car as possible. Though these setups do not provide the most balanced or clear audio, they are very loud, and some SPL builds can even shatter windows!

Much like SPL builds, PA setups are very loud, not very balanced, and are typically used in competitions, though that is not always the case. PA builds tend to be the most expensive, and they are usually the loudest too.