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Each customer has unique tastes, and here at Miami Pro Audio, we are aware of that. In order to ensure that our work meets your standards, we prefer to meet with every customer to discuss exactly what they are looking for. From simple speaker and dash unit installation to full competition setups, our expert staff at Miami Pro can do it all!

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Below you will find a list of services that we offer, including a short description of each service.

RTA Meter

RTA machines, also known as real-time audio analyzers, measure the frequency spectrum of an audio system. By using our RTA, our installers can make any audio system sound its best!

SMD Equipment & oscilloscope

By using SMD equipment and an Oscilloscope, our installation experts can see changes in voltage over time. This will allow them to quickly and accurately diagnose any voltage issues!

Audio Installation & Tuning

We can install any audio system of your choosing, and we can also tune and repair factory units. Big things can be accomplished with factory units!

World Record Custom Enclosures

We build custom enclosures for any needs, from casual to competition setups. Click the image below to view our gallery and see some of our past builds!

Dash Unit Installation

We can install any dash unit of your choice, as well as provide repairs and tuning to any dash unit. Click the image below to view more dash unit installations in the gallery!

three types of Car Audio Setups

  • Sound Quality (SQ)
  • Sound Pressure Level (SPL)
  • Pro Audio (PA)

Although they aren't the loudest setups, SQ builds usually have the clearest, most balanced audio. SQ builds are a great option for anyone because they sound great with a broad range of music genres, from techno to classical.

SPL builds are very loud, intricate setups, usually used for competitions. These setups are designed to build as much air pressure within the car as possible. Though these setups do not provide the most balanced or clear audio, they are very loud, and some SPL builds can even shatter windows!

Much like SPL builds, PA setups are very loud, not very balanced, and are typically used in competitions, though that is not always the case. PA builds tend to be the most expensive, and they are usually the loudest too.