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car audio Voltage & Frequency Adjustments

You need to take care of many different things when doing a frequency analysis or voltage distribution adjustment. Different products require different amounts of power, number of channels, and speaker-level inputs that need to be considered keenly during a diagnostic or installation. We have oscilloscope & RTA meters supporting multiple digital processors. These RTA meters are best intended to configure results correctly for your car audio system’s inputs and outputs.

RTA Meter

Being a notable family-owned business in Jacksonville, we only use high-end machines, including RTA Meters. RTA Meters measure the frequency spectrum of an audio system. These machines help in the proper diagnosing of design and installation problems in the audio system.

SMD Equipment & oscilloscope

Better voltage regulations mean better sound quality and output. To fine-tune these settings, we use our SMD Equipment and Oscilloscope to make sound systems and car stereo designs able become much more sustainable and optimum at the same time.

About RTA Meters & Oscilloscopes

why electrics matter

When you’re looking at adding a custom car stereo to your ride, it’s not just a matter of ensuring that there’s enough juice for your stereo, but also making sure that every other part of your vehicle is still able to receive ample power, without sacrificing performance or bottlenecking your audio experience. The best way to do this is by using an amplifier to perform stable connections with optimum voltage and frequency settings. This power will be the source of vital energy for your sound system’s output. We always make sure that there is no instability in voltage and performance.