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Car Stereo & Video Installations

What is your purpose for wanting to get some changes to your car stereo? Is it just changing a blown speaker system or completely reshaping from stock to a custom-designed car audio system? We can definitely kick up the notch for you with our remarkable installation services and have you bumping in no time. 

Dash Unit Installation

Dash Units are tricky and can only be installed correctly by experts with the proper experience. From setting up, installing, and testing to repairing, and tuning dash units, Miami Pro Audio does it all. Bring your vehicle into our Jacksonville shop and let us grab all the cans for you.

Audio Installation & Tuning

When trying to build a great quality sound system, different things havre to be taken into consideration including which product has the best fittings and power outputs for your car. Here At Miami Pro Audio, your factory units are repaired and upgraded at your will with our suggestions

About Our Installations

We're committed to the highest quality of car stereo

Replacing your factory radio with the latest, top-of-the-line Double DIN stereo doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know and all that you can do. From Bluetooth integration and navigation to integrating your mobile device, and even media streaming, we’ll help you ditch that old CD player in no time. Audio and video installations along with amplifier settings and custom design modifications to stock units are properly diagnosed and corrected at Miami Pro Audio.