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Custom Fabrication Services in Jacksonville

Our technicians providing supreme quality fabrications for car stereo units are among the best in Jacksonville, Florida, and surrounding areas. It is all preceded by the demand of the customer regarding standards of quality and requirements. With full-scale revamps of audio amplifier systems as well as dash unit installations, Miami Pro Audio is always up for the task of bringing you clean and distortion-free sound quality.

World Record Custom Enclosures

Miami Pro Audio is a brand of quality withholding popularity in world record custom enclosures. Our technicians carry a professional portfolio in installing high-performance subwoofer enclosures. Whether you want the loudest sound or a deep-bass setup, we are able to build the best custom inclosers for your speakers.

Custom Boxes

High-end sound quality with custom boxes & low distortion

For a clean, crisp sound with very low distortion, your subwoofer or speaker needs an enclosure to prevent the cancellation of sound waves. A good subwoofer enclosure will strengthen the bass and make your sound crisper with more punch. Feel that relative difference of quality with our top-notch brand products all installed under experienced supervision. Contact us and get your gears moving and find out why Miami Pro Audio is known as the best name in car stereos!